Jackson Park

San Francisco, CA

Jackson Park Aerial - Perspective_AFTER (For Web).jpg

A Historic Park Gets A Modern Makeover

Jackson Park is a large neighborhood park located in Potrero Hill. It was built in the 1930’s, and has historically served the neighborhood as an active recreation park. A master plan was commissioned to re-envision the park, to better meet the needs of a quickly growing local population. The current master plan proposes a radical reorganization of the site elements, in order to consolidate and to create space. The first step is to move the existing field house, across the park diagonally. This allows for the two sports fields to be moved to the east, making them safer and more spatially efficient. New fences will be set inbound from the fields, so that the entire of the park perimeter can be activated with community gardens, amphitheaters, exercise areas, dog runs, and play areas. A new community center will connect to the relocated field house, providing an assembly space, and a gym with a tennis court located on the roof. A central promenade will run through the park, and will feature an aerial walkway that accesses the rooftop recreation area. The perimeter sidewalk is designed to be an extension of the park, and will feature it’s materials, vegetation and detailing.


Jackson Park, San Francisco

Neighborhood: Potrero Hill
Size: 5 acres
Client: Friends of Jackson Park
Role: Landscape Architecture
Collaborators: Jackson + Liles Architecture, Verde Design Sports Fields
Features: Master Planning, Urban Design, Playground, Green Infastructure