MAK Vertical

Curated by Peter Noever

Entries to the MAK center Vertical Garden competition, exhibited at sci_Arc in summer 2006, on display at the MAK Center in Vienna. The exhibition was featured in the Austrian newspaper Kurier on October 25 2006. Participating architects and sci_Arc faculty included David Fletcher and Juan Azulay, Ed Keller and Carla Leitao of a|Um STUDIO, Tom Wiscombe of Emergent (Los Angeles Studio), David Erdman of SERVO, Jeffrey Inaba and SCIFI, Heather Flood, Griffin Enright Architects, Darin Johnstone Architecture, Elena Manferdini, Marcelo Spina of PATTERNS, Jason Payne and Ramiro Diaz-Granados, Florencia Pita of MOD, Alexis Rochas, and Taalman Koch Architects.