Parque Urbano de Valdebebas 

This project seeks to propose a new infrastructural multipurpose landscape that promotes complex relationships between ecology, sustainability and human activities and envisions landscape and human habitation living in productive harmony. Reciprocal Fields is a fully integrated water cleansing and supply system. The topography and water flows establish an ecological continuity from grasslands to riparian areas. This continuity is made up of streams, wetlands and rivers, ending in a water reservoir that supports and supplies the Park. Over this terrain, there are overlapping landscapes of Olive and Almond groves. A new reservoir will be built which will collect urban and park runoff. Stormwater will be continually processed through a system of streams, wetlands and ponds. Clean water will be held in storage tanks for freshwater drinking supply, park use and irrigation. All pumping and lighting for the park will be supplied by solar canopies, which also align with a water conduction system. The new reservoir will also offer beaches for lounging and tanning, as well as, docks for kayaking, boating and water sports. The Fields will also operate as the center of a transportation hub. Bicyclists and pedestrians will connect to modes of public transportation. Different species are be planted in order to have agricultural activity along all the year. It is a social-cultural action, in which future neighbors will be involved. The systems will be managed in such a way that educational centers and agricultural groups from Madrid will have direct cultural links to this vital infrastructural open space. This will reduce dependency on fossil fuels for the community as a whole, creating a ‘Dynamic Reciprocity’.