Playables 10 

REPLAY is made from the leftover parts of the urban environment. REPLAY provokes creativity from the materials of urban assembly. REPLAY is low-tech. REPLAY is nothing like a catalog playground, but it is a lot like the city. The major structural elements for REPLAY are sourced from the ATL Department of Public Works: Surplus concrete pipes and jersey barriers are re-used as walls, fences and planters.  Stockpiled light poles and light standards are mounted throughout the playground for vertical scale and overhead structural support. Reusing and reinterpreting these over-scaled elements for building the playground inspires new creative environmental relationships. REPLAY will receive a changing program of large cast-off objects like shipping crates, boats, sheds, cars, pianos, logs for educational demonstrations and unstructured play.  Each new Drop-In will be an event unto itself advertised in advance to capture the spectacle of positioning by cranes.  Each large object will be securely mounted utilizing a combination of pop-up ground fixtures and overhead stabilizing cables.  These elements will be refreshed on a monthly basis as a continually changing display. A supply of clean recycled or leftover materials like tires, barrels, plastic bottles, milk crates, geotextile fabric, leftover sod and landscape plants will always be available for group and individual improvised play.  Whether building temporary structures and sculptures, channeling and playing with water, digging and planting, or making birdhouses and bug traps, this steady stream of materials will form the basis for deep imagination and a respect for the reduce/reuse/recycle ethos.