Imagine This… Step out your door, stroll through your neighborhood, gather in the woods, Fletcher Studio makes places where day-to-day life is infused with a sense of delight, possibility, and belonging. Take a spin through experiences we aspire to create, and join us in imagining a more connected world, one place at a time.


High Dive Studio created a high-energy film for Fletcher Studio. Inspired by everything from rock musicians to 1960's playground sculptures, Fletcher Studio’s debut film is a stream-of-consciousness carnival ride through the creative imaginations and built public work of its designers.


José Carlos Pesina Siller made the music that we used for the film. He has many other names out there: Pepepe, Pesina Siller, and Los Amparito. Check out this superb TEDx talk (Spanish), on his work and music theory.


Ian MacKay of Hi_Bred made the logo animations.