Los Angeles State Historic Park Design Competition 

This Los Angeles State Historic Park entry proposes an integrated multi-objective open space that engages in remediation, water cleansing, and historic interpretation. The site is a 32 acre unused railyard which was the “Ellis Island” of Los Angeles. Situated near the river, the design includes a zone of constructed wetlands and modified river channel, for water access. It also includes an historic interpretive core, with spaces and structures that provide community amenities such as outdoor theaters, recreation fields, and agriculture. To the east, the site is a major urban plaza, with an amphitheater for community events. The project was a collaboration with Buster Simpson, Mark Johnson, Stephanie Ragle, and Michael Lehrer. David Fletcher was the project designer for this entry while at Mia Lehrer and Associates, who were selected as a finalists with the teams of Field Operations and Hargreaves Associates.