Curated by Natalie Jeremijenko 

Fletcher Studio designed a wetland airport with Natalie Jeremijenko, a temporary installation.

“By far the biggest environment impact that our flight systems have now is in their landing infrastructure. Almost without exception, we've built our airports on what we used to think of as cheap flat swamps near urban centers. Now we call them wetlands: the most critical ecosystem for sequestering CO2, biodiversity hotspots, an extraordinarily invaluable technology for digesting industrial contaminants, and the basis of the whole marine ecosystem. Actually, it's much cheaper to construct a wetlanding compared to a terrestrial landing. It costs about $5,000 to do one of these wetlandings I've developed with David Fletcher, which also happens to be a biodiversity hotspot, versus about $150,000 to have a small terrestrial landing strip.” – Nataly Jeremijenko

Schel-Lambert, Theo. xAirport Flight Simulator Restores the Wetlands (and the Wonder of Flying). (GOOD, 2010)