The Parametric Park

South Park is the oldest public space in San Francisco, built in 1852. Originally an English picturesque strolling park, it fell into disrepair and was been subject to ah-hoc improvements over the years. The South Park Improvement Association hired Fletcher Studio to work with the neighbors and community leaders to develop a master plan for the park. The new design may be described as a contemporary interpretation of the picturesque. It provides multiple amenities, arrayed along a meandering programmatic pathway. It also helps to alleviate two major issues including poor drainage and slopes that exceed ADA limits. The new park includes a custom play area and structure, stages for performance, a large open meadow, and plazas of varying scales. Infrastructural improvements include bulb-outs and chicanes for traffic calming, bio-infiltration swales and flow through planters, and a rainwater cistern for irrigation usage. 

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